About Us

About AquaPower

AquaPower based in Surat, Gujarat is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and aims to provide optimum service and user friendly solutions for all water treatment needs and Total water management. We are also involved in the trading of chemicals at the best rates with best services. We are amongst the youngest service provider that aims to set higher benchmark for the industry and perform above par than the competitors with our professional knowledge and advanced technologies.

Our vision is to be the most admired company by building value for our people, partnership and performance and to be recognized as a leader in the industry.
We are at a mission to provide the best set of scalable practices and products to help our customers optimize their resources and overcome challenges in a cost efficient manner.

We partner with customers to help them reduce the cost and prepare for the evolving future needs of the industry. We strongly believe in nurturing the long term relationship with our customers and offer customized solutions that best suit the specific requirements as per their need.

We deal with design, erection and commission of various water treatment equipments, supply of all types of quality chemicals and a wide range of electrical and mechanical equipments. Our Water Treatment segment includes Design of all water treatment equipments, O&M services, chemical treatment programs, speciality chemials and many more. We provide wide range of chemicals like Sodium HypoChlorite, Sulphuric Acid, PolyAluminium Chloride, Caustic soda flakes and lye, Chlorine and many others. Equipments and services part includes all types of Reverse Osmosis Plants, DM Plants, Raw Water Pretreatment Systems, Boiler and Cooling Water treatment programs and many others. We are also involved in providing various membranes and spares like DM plant spares, RO membranes, cartridge filters, Ejectors, RO Antiscalants/Antifoulants, RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals and many others.

Alongwith the above, We provide Technical services/ Audit and consultancy services for all Water Chemistry Operations. Our Electrical segment provides User Everything under one roof ranging from power distribution and control, HV and LV protection devices to wires & cables, motors, meters and electric panels.

About the founder


Harsh Desai being an engineer by profession started AquaPower with an aim to provide expert service by using his advanced Engineering Skills.

He follows the ideology of having a micro view at the situations and finding out solutions by using latest technology and not following the stereotyped paths.

He has gained experience in the respective field from Essar Group for almost 2 years and ventured upon his entrepreneurial journey by having different perspective towards the ways in which AquaPower can provide optimal service and user friendly solutions for water treatments, chemicals and electrical requirements.